A touch of “spicy” is essential to making any occasion a moment to remember.
Especially in cocktails, it’s a flavor that can be difficult to refine. But once you get the right balance of sweet and spice, you’ll find a drink of flavor intricacies that will leave you wanting more.

Chile, the famous flavor of Mexico and the main ingredient in the traditional recipe of our Ancho Reyes liqueur, becomes the irreplaceable element for turning “”classics”” into the perfect base for new cocktails and drinks with a pleasantly complex flavor.
Discover how to give a Mexican twist to Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, Daiquiri, Margarita and Gimlet recipes.

Old Fashioned

Our Ancho Reyes Original and orange bitters add a citrusy sprint to the sharp taste of bourbon: discover the Old Fashioned cocktail recipe.

Spicy Mexican Mule

The original Mexican Mule cocktail recipe gets a spicy twist with ginger beer and our Ancho Reyes Original liqueur.


With our Ancho Reyes Original liqueur even the purest and most essential taste converts into delicious complexity: discover the Daiquiri cocktail recipe.

All-natural and handcrafted, Ancho Reyes and Ancho Reyes Verde are versatile spirits that can be used as a base for innovative, one of a kind cocktails, or to add complex flavors to the classics.

Spicy Verde Margarita

Ancho Reyes Verde adds a bright spicy flavor to any Margarita recipe: discover the Spicy Verde Margarita cocktail recipe.

Verde Gimlet

That's what happens when you mix Ancho Reyes Verde to the classics: gin, lime and sugar. Discover our Verde Gimlet cocktail recipe.

Maria Verde

If you're looking for a cocktail with a full flavor, Maria Verde has two variations and the unique touch of our Ancho Reyes Verde. Discover our Maria Verde cocktail recipe.

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